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Retirement Planning

Careful planning can help you realize your financial goals and help you maintain the same standard of living you are accustomed to during your retirement years.

On the other hand, lack of planning may prevent you from achieving your retirement goals. You may have to ‘tighten your belt’ in later years of retirement as your retirement income needs exceed your retirement income and you are forced to make withdrawals from your retirement funds.

Unfortunately, just as your assets grow over time so do your retirement income needs. It may surprise you how much inflation can impact your retirement income needs.



Inflation is constant, steady erosion of money’s value. The amount of erosion varies – in some years the rate of inflation is higher than in others. But the effect of inflation never changes: the cost of living keeps going, so you need more money just to break even.


Just as inflation can erode your savings, income taxes can have a dramatic effect on your total return, negating as much as a third of your earnings. Consider carefully your savings vehicles to minimize “tax-bite” and maximize earnings. Consult your tax advisor with any questions on taxation issues.


By far the most dangerous of retirement roadblocks is procrastination. Each year that saving is postponed you lose the advantages of compound growth in that year. In exchange for a higher standard of living now you may deteriorate your standard of living during retirement.

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